Sunday, June 26, 2016

June Is Boring

Quick Question:  Will 2 packs of lettuce feed two people?   Mmmm.. yep.
These are now mostly ornamental.  Zucchini and weed potatoes in the background.
June in the garden is boring. Really it is.  All I have to do is weed and water. It has been exceptionally hot and dry so there has been a lot of watering and not much weeding.

We've eaten strawberries and lettuce until we are tired of strawberries and lettuce.  But of course there is a lot more lettuce.  Rows and rows of lettuce.  It is so cheap and they put so many seeds in a packet a person could easily go over board on lettuce. cucumber trellis gets two thumbs up
 The first planting of cucumbers is beginning to bloom and still no sign of the cucumber beetles.  I'm really tired of cucumber beetles since they killed the cantaloupes last year so good riddance.

The second planting of cucumbers is seeded

The pepper bed is thriving

Tomatoes are doing well.
I planted bush beans along them and those are just popping up today,
Cherry tomatoes are setting fruit

I only did potatoes in containers this year.
They appear to be a success,

And because June is so boring we've planted other things to take care of.
A whiskey barrel and the useless wheel barrow has replaced our dying birch tree.

We got tired of taking care of the perennials on two sides of the house so we dug them out and found them a new home.  Then we replaced them with six hundred ground cover plants.  That was a long day.  But they look very nice and we will not have to mulch around them or dead-head them or cut them back in the fall.

So that's about it.  Weed and water.  Lots of watering....


  1. Lots of watering-indeed. Oh, for steady rains. That would be nice!

    Your garden is looking terrific. (not boring in the least!)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And way ahead of my garden, even though we've had more than our share of moisture falling from the sky!

  3. You are like me....Instead of seeing the beautiful flowers and vegetables as others see them, we are looking at the weeds and what other chores needs done.