Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Strawberry Problem

Last spring I ordered two dozen Honeoye Strawberry plants.  I had pulled out the old ever bearing odds and ends.  I'd decided I'd rather have a mass of strawberries in June.  Or did I say a Mess of Strawberries?   The first year you should pinch off the blooms and runners so the plant can put more energy into establishing roots.  I did not.  I enjoyed the light crop of new berries.

The strawberry patch last August after Renovation
Last August, I "renovated" the bed which involves trimming back the foliage and runners and organizing what is left into neat rows.  I suppose at this point I should add that before I planted my new plants, I amended the bed with compost and blood meal.  

And now look.

The strawberry patch is literally bursting at the seams.
The plants are loaded with berries and they simply cannot contain themselves. 
I'm looking forward to seeing some red berries


  1. I had to rip up my strawberries this year. In all the years , I rarely had a crop. We have notoriously cold summer night temps here, and most of the time they would mold from all the heavy dews. Your plants look lush and healthy. Hope you have a great crop

  2. Wish we lived closer. Tim's pretty handy but I think in this case he's in over his head. I'd be over in a jiffy to help you both out of that particular problem. :)


  3. What a wonderful strawberry bed!!! I just have a little 4x4 bed of everbearing. Put in new ones this year and have been cutting the blossoms off. Need to do that till July I read. Hope you get lots of berries. We buy ours in buckets that are grown locally but like my little bed for a few right along! Nancy