Friday, June 29, 2018

6 Months of Compost

This large piece of corrugated drain pipe was left over from an earlier project where we filled in the open ditch that ran along our road frontage.  We drilled air holes in it and we use it to cook our kitchen compost before we turn it into the larger compost pile.

This is what six months of compost looks like.  There is a layer of autumn leaves about midway.  If you were to screen the lower half it would be ready to use.  What we do is dump it out and cover it with finished compost so the partially composted material ends up in the center of the pile to continue to break down.

The finished compost pile can be seen in the background.

But this time we are moving the whole pile off of the poop deck and into the edge of the woods so we can do some poop deck maintenance.

These large rectangular concrete pavers were salvaged from an old patio.  They were sitting in a pile down in the yard of a local landscaper and we have used them in several places around the property.

Tree roots have encroached from the woods and caused several of the pavers to heave.  

We removed them pulled out the larger roots and used sand to re-level the area

After replacing the pavers we brushed play-sand into the seams and the deck is as good as new.

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