Monday, June 18, 2018

First Peas

Today I harvested the first of the Maestro Peas.  Day 63 for 61
day peas.  I was nibbling two days ago.  But this was the first harvest day.

 The Penelope Pea should have been ready June 12th but still has at least a week to go by the looks of it.  My Jap tomatoes are about the size of chicken eggs and more setting every day.  The other varieties are now blooming.

 Thanks to yesterday's 90 degrees and today's 92 degrees, the cucumbers are noticeably bigger each day.  The dill are coming in thick.  I don't know if the dill will flower at the right time.  I have a few volunteer dill I've let live elsewhere which are a couple of weeks ahead as a back-up.  The slicing cucumbers have buds but no blooms yet.

The cutting bed is beginning to flower a bit and I'm looking forward to these

State Fair Zinnia

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