Sunday, April 14, 2019

Lettuce Babies

I have 3 trays of lettuce babies started outdoors, 
and 1 indoors to maybe give them a head start

The peas are loving this rain.  I'm going to plant my next batch 
Good Friday which will be 4 weeks instead of my usual 3

There are some Primrose blooming.  I have to keep them 
covered or the deer or rabbits will eat them

And it's Daffodil time at last!


  1. Those primroses are gorgeous! At the price of lettuce seed these days, the only way to go is to start them in individual peat pots. Too wasteful to sprinkle them down a row in the garden anymore . . . and then thin most of them out!

    1. I keep thinking I should sprinkle my lettuce seeds, but then I wouldn't end up with perfectly spaced, color alternating, straight rows! Starting in a seed tray and transplanting into pots is not only less wasteful, it takes a LOT less time and effort than thinning. This is only about the third year for really nice primrose (since I learned to cover them). Now if I could only get some Hellebores established....

  2. Good to hear someone else likes to plant their lettuce beds so they look just as pretty as a flower bed! One year I interspersed small marigold plants with the different colored lettuces and that was really striking. What's a garden for if not to put on a display? (Okay, for food, too. ;o] )

    1. LOL! Sometimes I plant a row just to admire :)