Thursday, March 19, 2020

Meanwhile, at our house, yard work commences

I'm not sure how many Americans are going to have enough cash left to do their home improvements this year.  We just got our major projects checked off the list.  The roof on the house is replaced, and the two car garage will be replaced next.  The shoddy workmanship when that roof was stripped was alarming!  
No wonder it started leaking like a sieve.  

Neighbor included for perspective
 Yesterday the Tree Service and the Roofers jockeyed for position in the driveway.

That's a 40 ton crane.  The crane also has a scale on it and one of the 12 foot sections of trunk weighed 2 tons.

The tree service chipped anything under 6 inches but the maple and ash trunks are staged for processing into firewood.  Lots and lots of firewood.

This is why we didn't want to cut these ourselves.  Aside from their proximity to buildings and the damage to surrounding trees if they were felled, a couple of them were dead in the center and exploded when cut.  The crane ties off at the top of the tree, and there is no falling tree at all.   Just dangling. So much safer.

That's one of the lovely stumps.  They will be left to rot because they are all in wooded areas.

This is how we make use of firewood in our gardening.  On a damp spring day we light a fire in the fire pit.  Last Saturday, after blowing leaves (there are as many in spring as there are in fall) we lit the fire and chatted with the neighbors while playing corn-hole and discussing the madness of the world as it revolves around Covid-19.  It was 39 degrees and overcast, but we still had a full, fun day outdoors.

Now that the worst of the trees are down, we can finish picking up sticks, roll the tire tracks out of the lawns and continue with our Spring tidying as the grass begins to grow and the daffodils bloom.

Happy first day of SPRING!

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  1. It must feel SO good to have a couple of those big projects done! And now's a perfect time to do it, before the gardening season starts and there's not much time for anything else. Great post.