Sunday, March 15, 2020

Spring is Here

The crocuses are up weeks earlier than the past few years, so it is officially an early spring.
I planted the first of my peas yesterday and seeded lettuce.
I've freshened up all of the landscape beds, cleared debris and fertilized.  That way when the spring flowers start blooming everything will look neat and tidy.

The cauliflowers have germinated.  
I planted them a week later than I would have liked to because I was scheduled to be in Dallas all of this coming week.  When my company issued a no non-essential travel protocol due tot he corona virus, my meeting was canceled and I was free to start gardening without worrying about things needing to be done when I wasn't here to do them.
As soon as they get their first leaves I will transplant them into cells.

 This week is going to be a busy one.  Our roof started leaking over the winter due to a shoddy installation job, and we finally have a roofer coming tomorrow to replace the leaky area.  Then on Wednesday the tree service is coming to remove five dangerous trees that we don't have a place to drop.  They will dangle them from a crane, lay them in the driveway, and take away the tops.  That's $500 per tree, but much less messy and risky then us dropping them in the lawn trying to avoid all nearby structures.

The weather has been excellent.  Today is 50 degrees and sunny.  Its nice to get a dry start to spring gardening.


  1. Oh, my. You are so far ahead of us in the early spring game! :o) We've been hoping we just might get an early spring this year, but first we have to make it through March. Woke to 2" of new snow and it's still coming down. But it shouldn't last long. (Famous last words? Hope not!) I'll look forward to following your early seed starting and planting. Two more weeks before I put any seeds to start inside.

  2. This is such a pleasant start after last Spring!