Monday, May 22, 2023

Time to Tidy Up

 I've been reorganizing my cold frame as I get things planted out.  Consolidating trays.  Washing out pots and putting them away.  The first picture is my tomato plants.  The peppers have been planted out.  Tomatoes are next.  The plant under the red arrow is a dwarf.

No really.
It's a Wherokowhai

My first attempt at Coleus went well.  I've already used a couple.

The Marigolds are doing OK.  I'm waiting to plant them out until they are big enough that a slug can't eat one in a single bite.  I use slug bait but the plant needs to be big enough to have a fighting chance.

Snowball Marigolds

The Celosia are transplanted and overseeded.

I had some Snapdragons and Sahara Rudbeckia wintersown in milk jugs.  Its a really simple, low maintenance way to get some seeds started.  I transplanted them into cells to grow on a bit.  When they look a little less bedraggled I will post another photo.

My grow thru grids saved the life of this Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea.  A deer tried to take a bite out of the side of it during the rainy night and found it too much trouble.  It also tasted bad because it had been sprayed before the rain.  The rain had washed the repellent off enough to make it seem appetizing but it stuck well enough that they spat out most of the leaves on the ground.  I use both covers and repellent to deter the deer.

I have been very diligent with spraying and I think this is the first year they have not gone ahead and mown down my woods hyacinths.

The Hosta get sprayed about every other evening.

These Hosta are both second year divisions from existing plants.

Today I finished planting out the Dahlias and weeding after the rain.  We are having another warm, sunny stretch and everything is growing like gangbusters.

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  1. Your plant starts and your garden are gorgeous! Your hostas look great. I didn't realize deer ate them. Skunks will eat them too. That's been my problem for a couple of years (and why mine don't look so great).