Saturday, February 10, 2024

More Outside Puttering

This morning was mild and pleasant.  The kind of day when you feel you should be outside doing something.  And we have wintery weather forecast to return next week, so if we wanted to play outside, this was the day to do it.

Besides raking up some sticks, the driveway was rolled to firm it up.  This changed the fresh gravel from feeling as if you were walking on sifting sands to rock hard pavement.

I noticed that some of the hyacinth bulbs I planted are coming up.  It is exciting to think that the days of colorful flowers will come again.

My pile of chopped leaves was thawed out enough to dress up the tulip bed.

There is no point putting leaves on anything in the fall because the winds will scatter them everywhere.  Hopefully the upcoming snow will flatten them.  I threw some compost on top to hold them down.  This will help insulate the soil from the upcoming freeze and thaw cycles.  It is good to get outside and do just a little something.


  1. You have some serious equipment! Lori

    1. Yes, the so called "heavy duty" roller we bought disintegrated with the first use. So my husband had this fabricated and filled it with 3000# of sand! I call it the "rock crusher"