Monday, September 27, 2010

Putting to Bed

The day after Ungardening is the Putting to Bed day. Now with the raised beds, we are going to try a little no-till lasagna gardening. Tim was mulching leaves in the lawn, and he rounded up quite a pile with the mower. I went out with the sucker/blower, and chopped them further, using two bags per bed. I think this looks very cozy and almost pretty with the golden brown leaf mulch. And, if I had not just spent half an hour blowing leaves OUT of the garden, I would have been tempted to leave the beds like this. But, I know better, and soon these chopped leaves would have been mixing with our fresh gravel. So, as I laid them down I watered them with the hose.

Then we rounded up Mike, and got out the little tractor for some more mulching. The gates were carefully measured so that the smaller tractor, complete with belly mower, can fit through with a little room to spare. We used up about half of our composted horse manure, throwing down a layer of an inch or so to hold the leaves in place, and get the composting started.

When we were done, it was not quite so pretty, but our beds have been replenished with organic matter, and should be ready to plant in the spring.

And now a little word about pests. This was my view out the window in the morning... 5 turkey jakes, and our truant fawn. He is the child of a doe who just wreaks havoc on our landscaping. Most of the summer I saw him with his grandmother and her two fawns. But quite often he would run through on his own. Why? Because his mother, the no good floozy, was busy wandering about eating my perennials and being a lousy parent. And still he's up to no good, running with the bachelor turkeys. His mother has a price on her head this season. And I expect nothing but trouble in the future from this little guy.


  1. When mama wreckin' up the landscape an' daddy out carousin' with who knows who, ain't no wonder young bucks hangin' with the wrong crowd lookin' fo trouble. Sounds like you got you some trailer trash neighborhood deer fo sure ! ;)

  2. Sad to see the season ending, but it looks like a good head start for next year. =)

  3. Even sleeping your garden is beautiful!!! Mine is covered in 5foot high weeds.. :'0(

    Hope you are well. I have not been able to visit blogs like I used to be able to..

  4. We are starting our first garden this year and stumbled on your blog. Your fenced garden is amazing! What a beautiful place to grow your veggies. I look forward to reading more of your blog!