Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring is here!

I spent all of Sunday afternoon out in the garden with a sleeveless shirt! As promised, it was 10 degrees warmer in the garden!

Neighbor Mike launched the great asparagus bed building. He bought 75 crowns and has gone hog wild. He researched and dug and mixed compost with ashes and did a bang up job of constructinghis asparagus bed. All but one of my crowns have put up shoots, which are quite promising and hefty.

My Asparagus is up!

Mike's wife Shelly planted 297 onion plants. Tim was hard at work on Spring Garden Project #3, which we will be unveiling soon. Spring Garden Project #2 is also waiting in the wings. It's hard to tell which will be finished first. For a non-gardener, he sure comes up with excellent ideas.

Shelly's 297 Onion Plants

So while all this stuff was going on, what did I do? I added compost to one of the beds. Planted sunflowers, planted catnip seeds around the catnip plants, planted more borage, chased the cats out of the carrots, planted zinnias, planted a flat of Amaranth, chased the cats out of the catnip, snapped buds off of the horse radish and rhubarb, got the garden benches and tables set up, dragged the drunken cats out of the catnip and repaired the collateral damage to the pansies and peas, asked Tim to figure out a way to fence the catnip, sent the cats to the house, edged and mulched around the linden trees, made drinks for everyone... sat in the sun.

Ahhh... Spring!

My Rhubarb is blooming. I hate to snap it off!

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  1. Hi! Sorry, I have to ask, why do you plant catnip if the cats aren't allowed? Is it to lure in beneficials? I'd like to plant it because it's pretty, but I know my cats would just destroy it. ;)

    Thanks! I love your blog and I'm glad it's the growing season again so we'll see more posts!