Sunday, May 22, 2011

A week ahead of schedule?

The tomatoes are in. Usually I wait until Memorial Day weekend, but the weather has been nice, with temps in the fifties each night (for almost two weeks now). I realised last weekend that I needed to get serious about hardening off my tomatoes. I put them out on the northeast corner of the house on Wednesday where they are sheltered from the wind. Wednesday and Thursday were overcast, but yesterday they stood up to their first half day of sun with very little if any bleaching. The corner I use get's full sun until about 2pm which works out well. I thought I was sunk on Wednesday when I noticed at the office the breeze was coming stiffly all day from the east, but when I got home I was pleased to see 18 straight seedlings with no windburn at all. In fact, I'm really please with my transplants this year. I got them timed just right and they are all healthy and vigorous. I didn't even break any this time. I also planted my first crop of bush beans. They could have gone in two weeks ago like just about everything else.

The onions are growing well.

Two rows of peas with a row of mixed radishes and carrots in the middle. The radishes are just starting to bulb. The pot of violas I won in a game at the Mother's Day brunch at the nursing home. I would have left them with Tim's Mom to brighten her room, but she is very allergic to pollen. I can't imagine having that misfortune!

The newest thing that's catching my eye in the greenhouses this spring are calibrocha (Million Bells Petunia) planted in mixed baskets which I think is a great idea. This red, orange and yellow one dresses up the corner of the garden picking the colors out of my bench cushions.

I spent a couple of hours Saturday morning getting the Amish going on the fence again. As I was walking back down the fence line, this picture caught my eye. The work team waits patiently with little Levi (who has bruised ribs from a fall on the stairs) lounging in the seat under his hat while Irven pounds posts. They don't mind if we discretely take photos, but they won't pose because that would be vain. Mom printed out my fencing blog so Elsie could read it. Elsie smiled broadly when she told me she thought I did a good job writing it. Then she sent me home with a bowl of rhubarb crumble!

My Mom took this picture later in the day. What fun!!!


  1. You outdid yourself with good photos today ! And IMO, every kid ought to get to play in a creek like that. Minus the hat and blue clothes it rewound the clock thirty years and put a smile on my face to boot !

  2. Are you quite sure you and Tim wouldn't like to adopt me?? I'm housebroken and a hard worker and... The Amish neighbors look so neat. I've secretly dreamed of winning the lottery (so I don't have to work) then moving near a Plain community so I could ride or drive my horse everywhere. If you would just adopt me, I could forgo that whole waiting-on-the-lottery thing.