Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Gardening Project #4 Patio

Tim and I debated what we would do with the area around the garden shed. Originally we were going to fence it all for the chicken yard. But I really need an area for an outdoor potting bench, and to keep some of my transplants. To be cost effective, we were going to gravel the area, but then Tim's networking finally paid off and and he found a pile of old city street bricks that needed a new home. He and our good friend John made a few trips, digging these bricks out of a pile of fill. In their short journey, Tim has had the priveledge of stacking them a few times so I'm sure he has become intimately acquainted with each one.

The "potting area" turned out more like a patio. So now I've sort of abandoned the idea of using it for gardening, and am trying to decide whether it would be more enjoyable to have a table with an umbrella, or just two comfy chaise lounges overlooking the garden where I can sit and sip Margaritas. You see, since Tim has been working on "Britaland" he has been distracted from finishing our front porch, and building a deck so we are in dire need of an outdoor entertainment area. I've even considered putting a water trough a.k.a. Red Neck "Hot" Tub on it.

We put it to use over the Memorial Day weekend inviting all our gardening neighbors for dinner.

Mike brought his bubbles to play with.

Here Shelly helps us aerate our yard with lawn darts

Bob and Trish's dog Daisy thinks we're ridiculous. Smile Daisy.

Mike gets fancy with his bubbles.

A bubble inside a bubble... you can do better than that!

Three in one!

And a tree!

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  1. Beautiful patio and yard!

    I too have a pile of reclaimed bricks waiting for their chance to be recycled. Looks like I'll be moving them yet another time before their final resting place...

    Love those giant bubble blowers! I must confess, in our college days, my sis and I would release absolutely humongous bubbles from our fourth floor deck... that faced out onto a very busy city street... eventually they made their way down to ground level... into traffic... sometimes at rush hour ;)

    Thanks for the memory - those giant bubbles sure are fun!