Sunday, September 24, 2017

One Week To Live

The target date to shut down the garden is the first weekend of October.  There really isn't much left in the main garden except beautiful Marigolds and Nasturtium.  I have been admiring them daily knowing they now have only one week to live.

I'm slowly pulling things out and cutting down stalks of 
horse radish and daylillies in preparation for leaf season.

This is the time for cleaning the beds and evaluating the soil

Preparing to plant the fall lettuce

The lettuce must fit under this frame so I can wrap frost cover around it.  
This way it will be safe down to 26 degrees
One year we ate lettuce until it just stopped growing mid-December.
I've learned not to plant anything where it will be hard to reach since I will mostly be cutting lettuce in the dark, in the wind and probably in the rain as well.  It's hurry up - snip and git.

I'm bringing my big pots of bell peppers up onto the patio.  These will also be covered with frost cover not only to give it a personal greenhouse, but also to keep the deer from nibbling on them.
After last year's poor showing I am so pleased with these big beautiful Blushing Beauties from Burpee.  They will turn through shades or orange and be red when completely ripe.

The only thing really left growing in the big garden is the bush beans.  I picked some this morning for dinner today and even the immature ones are getting soft and pithy because we have had more sun and heat this week than any other stretch of days all summer.  Low eighties and nothing but sunshine symbols in the extended forecast.  We are taking full advantage of it and spending as much time as possible out of doors.  I think the remainder of the bush beans are candidates for an experiment in dilly beans.


  1. Your gardens are beautiful and I know it takes a whole bunch of work. Rewarding, though! I have just recently found your website and look forward to learning from you and enjoying the sights. We are in SW Missouri and have only a half acre but manage to grow quite a few vegetables and fruit. Our fruit trees are young yet but one day we hope to have an over-abundance to use and share. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Welcome to my blog and thanks for introducing yourself. There is so much to learn on the internet and I'm always seeing something in a blog and wondering "why didn't I think of that?"