Monday, September 10, 2018

Here Comes the Rain Again

So what does a gardener do when faced with a lousy weather forecast? We prepare.  I do not want to pick anything while holding an umbrella.  It is a bad idea to handle your plants when they are wet because any damage to leaves or stems ais that much more likely to have germs get into the plant.
Everything will bloat in the rain and the tomatoes will split.

So yesterday I spent all morning in the drizzly garden preparing to abandon it for a couple of days.  I picked all of the beans, cucumbers and tomatoes that were ready or almost ready.  I picked a gallon of new lettuce and some radicchio.  I washed and stored all of the lettuce.  I bagged up the beans for use "fresh" from the fridge this week.  I cut up all of the cantaloupes lurking in the fridge and then I took a load of stems, peels and rinds out to the compost pile because I don't like doing that in the rain either.

And then I stayed indoors all day cooking and listening to the peaceful steady rain.

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