Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Regarding Blogger Comments (Michelle/Anita)

I can't comment on Anita's blog either. Keeps giving me the sign in run around. It started yesterday and I haven't tried anyone else's.

I poked around in Blogger help, and apparently this is connected to the log in problems from last week and they're "rolling out a fix". That was 4 days ago. even my IT dept works faster than THAT!


  1. This is bizarre - as its not affecting me, just you Northern Hemisphere gals. But at least now I know you're not all ignoring me! lol

    I have a blog entry to do about my new sidesaddle but will save it for a few days :)

  2. Hmmmm. I tried to leave a comment a few hours ago on re: Garden project # 4. That didn't work so I'm trying again.

  3. I'm still having this issue on my blogger blog too. I can't even leave comments on my blog with my account, have to put a name. Hope they fix it soon. It's been awhile.

  4. I promise I'm not ignoring anybody, I've desperately wanted to comment on a few people's blogs but couldn't! Sure hope they get it fixed soon! I can't even comment on my own blog.

  5. I have been able to comment again, but I can't add new blogs to follow because as soon as I leave my dashboard I'm shown as logged out.

    Whether I can comment on other blogs as SmartAlex or Anonymous seems to be on a case by case basis. Michelle, yours still makes me anonymous. Anita's still gives me the run around and loses the comment. Julie's puts it right through. The monitored comment blogs like Paradigm and Behind the Bit seem to be working fine.