Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's the Bearies

Tim has been working on the chicken run so we can finish the landscaping and be done with the garden area once and for all. Yesterday he started laying nice smooth sand, which, in typical Tim fashion, he smoothed and raked. Then he said "we can see what sort of critters are running around out here.

This was not what we were expecting

I hurried up and picked all my strawberries which were inches away. no sense tempting Yogi into messing with Tim's lovely strawberry cages.

What is UP with Blogger?!?


  1. Yikes !

    We never did have a visible bear problem in Ontario....seeing a bear was rare except at the dump....but there were rather a LOT of bears and other things behind the scenes as the following story will show.

    One of our neighbours made the mistake of putting a couple of hundred sheep out to pasture on his large farm one spring with only one poor predator dog to protect them. Thanks to a quick swipe from Mr. Bruin, the dog went home to his maker on the very first night the sheep were turned out. The next night every bear, wolf, wolverine and coyote in eastern Ontario had one heck of a party and except for a few terrified survivors all that remained of his sheep herd the next morning was a whole buncha white spots where the sheep *used* to be.

  2. Blogger is glitchy and drives me nuts. I must say your strawberries look delicious.

  3. All previous entreaties to come and learn the canning/gardening/domestic skills are rescinded. Holy...bear!

  4. Well, we knew we had bears around, but they aren't a real problem. They get into bird feeders, and bee hives. Last year one broke down the lower branches of the row of trees we'd planted to nibble. Every year or two someone will actually spot one.

    But.... we rarely have any conditions where they can leave tracks! I think I'd rather not know.

  5. Well isn't that just a big surprise for you guys! We have lots of bears around up here, most times they're just looking for a snack and run away when they hear people. Good thing you saved your strawberries!

    (p.s. I can FINALLY post comments!! HOORAY!!!)