Sunday, September 15, 2013

Potato Harvest

The main potato harvest is in.  Last year I planted three sixteen foot rows which yielded 50.5 #.  This year I planted two sixteen foot rows, used potatoes from them after I ran out of stored potatoes the end of June, and I still harvested 40#s.  Not bad.

They have been hosed off, dried in the breeze, and sorted by size.  The damaged ones go in my hod so I will use them first.  I had very little wire worm damage this year, and I scraped up three of them while digging.

I still have the three eight foot rows planted late in the new bed.  When I was watering them today I accidentally uncovered some.  They look gorgeous.  Today as I was digging these jewels and tallying my harvest I actually felt bad for people who don't have a chance to grow their own potatoes.

It must be a pretty good year in general for them.  Friends of ours are getting a bumper crop as well.  They had so many they brought them to our neighborhood pot luck wine tasting yesterday.  They cut them into fries, fried them in a turkey fryer, and served them hot in large paper cups.  Just add your own malt vinegar and salt to taste.  I think that has to be the best usage I've ever seen for extra 'taters!

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