Saturday, June 15, 2019

Simple Project

These are the kinds of fun weekend projects we like.  
A wheelbarrow load of gravel to replace the soggy mulch where it pools between the sloping raised bed and the railroad tie.
Two wheelbarrows of mulch to freshen up.

Some little square pavers you can hold in one hand to edge between 
the gravel and mulch.
Not the usual three foot square heavy duty pavers

That dresses it up nicely.  Which is important since we walk past it  at least a dozen times a day when were are working around the garden.  Maybe a hundred times a day on a busy day, or that's what it seems like.

Here is my little bitty broccoli bud

And the Paul Robeson tomato in the container is the first to set a tomato.  I think the one in the raised beds has a fruit set too in the first cluster of flowers.

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