Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The End of June

The whole point to a garden blog, besides finding kindred spirits to compare notes with, is that you can easily look back over the years and compare conditions and progress to years past.

 Comparing the last week of June in previous years to my garden today, I can confirm what I believed to be true.  Lettuce is great, peas are OK and worth the wait, tomatoes and potatoes are typical, zucchini and cucumber are lagging and cantaloupes are a bust.  Nasturtiums should be blooming.  Too much rain in June is not uncommon.  Mother Nature is unpredictable.

Every year has it's challenges, successes and failures.  I don't think I've ever had a year where everything I wanted went as planned or better.  Something always fails.  It might be melons or sweet potatoes or even summer squash you just never know.  Heck in 2013 I killed a cherry tomato plant!  Those things usually get eight feet tall and six feet wide.

A few things worth mentioning this week:

The tomatoes in pots are beautiful.  Deep green, healthy and blooming.
They are keeping pace with the tomatoes in the bed. 
They are four rungs tall on the ladder which is typical of this week

I love watching sweet corn follow the sun throughout the day

I'm about ready to forget about cantaloupes this year
and proceed with bush beans instead.

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