Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Another Bonus Day

 The gloominess that built up yesterday afternoon passed north of us and this morning dawned bright and clear.  Again. I'm not complaining.  It was ten degrees cooler than yesterday, but at 58 degrees and no breeze it was still shirt sleeve weather.  No problem.  I can find something to do.  Even if it is just sitting outside looking at the bare trees.

One more pass at the leaves.  
Tomorrow we will wash the lawn mower and put it away.

At least it dried up enough that we could get onto about 80% of the lawns.
You have to be careful turning.  In the backyard you can just go forward and back not round and round.  We got the mower stuck yesterday in the neighbor's lawn.
Had to pull it out with a tractor.

I remembered that I needed to cover the primroses with wire cloches.
They are evergreen so very attractive to both deer and bunnies during a thaw.
I took a quick inventory of my cloches and grow thru grids and updated my autumn To Do list for next year.

Yesterday I went through and weeded all of the landscape beds.  Anything growing now will be there in March when the snow melts and will need to be pulled before mulching.  That's one step ahead.
The grow thru grids can be left until spring.  They keep the deer from tasting and keep us from tromping when we are blowing leaves or laying down mulch.

The dahlia tubers are store in the basement bulkhead with a digital hi/lo thermometer and humidity gauge.  I will check them in a few weeks to make sure they are moist enough but not rotting.

For supper tonight, hamburgers and fresh cole slaw.

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