Monday, November 8, 2021


 Does anyone even know what time it is this week?  I don't.  And I don't care either.  Last week I had a few morning appointments and actually had to make sure I was up and out of bed early.  I don't have to be anywhere for at least the next six weeks.  We record all of our favorite TV shows so we can watch them at anytime without commercials.  We have no pets or livestock to complain about feeding times. So time is of little importance to me.  Note to Self:  Make sure never to schedule anything two or three weeks after a time change.

We have continued to enjoy nice weather most days.  It is starting to feel like November in general but we have not been rushed with autumn chores.  Yesterday and today were near 70 degrees so I puttered about and finished some winterization chores.  I think I finally have everything done.

I don't usually do anything for my strawberry bed but since I had so much nice leaf mulch collected up, I gave it one final cleaning and laid down a good layer of mulch.

Anything I have hanging around in pots gets tucked into this sheltered corner against the RR ties.  There are divisions that don't have a home yet.  Nine daylilies in shades of pink, three Caesar's Brother blue Siberian irises and one lone Black Eyed Susan.  I almost always have something hanging about.  If I really care about it I find a place for it.  But if I don't care either way it stays in the pot.  They almost always survive.  Some things end up hanging about for a couple of years and still do great when they finally find a spot.

I put a tree tube around the pear tree.  Any small saplings need to be protected through the deer rut because they are the perfect size for antler scrapes.  In this case I am more worried about hungry bunnies girdling it if we have happen to have a bad winter.  

This Alberta Spruce gets morning sun from the south east and the past three years it has sunburned and recovered.  Its getting too mature to mess around with.  It can't be replaced in this size and losing it would make the front landscape unbalanced.  The bare spot filled in nice this year.  I think shading it with the burlap should be enough but I'm going to try some Wilt Stop on it too.

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  1. Your garden certainly looks ready for winter. Interesting with the burlap. I hope it works. It's such a pretty tree.

    I have to agree about the time change. Although, we do have critters, and they don't care what the clock says! This year, though, I decided to just pick the time to start breakfast. In the past, I've played mental games trying to figure out the "real" time (not always easy to do first thing in the morning). That seemed to help.