Monday, September 25, 2023

Bare Bones

All of the landscaping is cut down, cleaned and weeded.  This leaves me to dump annual containers as I like, weed, divide plants, turn my compost pile and clean tools to put away for winter.  Its very relaxing.

Lemony Lace Elderberry

Having the grasses gone highlights the shrubs.  Below is a nicely shaped Summer Wine Ninebark.  This came in a 3.5" pot in the spring of 2022 and has put on a lot of growth.  It flowers in the spring.

I was just thinking that I hadn't seen a single Wooly Bear caterpillar yet.

Wooly Bear Predictions

Mr. Wooly Bear had more black near his head and only a little shadow at the tail which translates to winter beginning harsh and ending mild.

The vegetable garden gets emptier every day as I remove the annual flowers.

Winter Lettuce

The Last Three Tomatoes
On one of the tomato plants, when I cut it down I left a sucker growing.  Too bad the nights are getting cool now, because it is ready to bloom.

The Northern Spy apple trees produced pretty well (about 80 large apples) and I am freezing pie filling to use in the winter. I am waiting for the Gala tree to lose its leaves and go dormant so I can relocate it to the empty spot left by the removal of the lilac bush.

Despite our late frost, it managed to put out one perfect little apple.

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