Thursday, September 14, 2023


 Remember when I said this tall Overdam grass was grating on my nerves?  Well, I pulled it out.

So much better!

I had some other ideas for more drapey grasses, but after looking at this with no grass for a few days I decided I needed a really, really low grass.  And I have some of that.  So I dug up some Carex Ice Dance and planted it in the blank spots.

This is a very vigorous grass.  I bought three of them a couple of years ago and now I have them in eight different spots.  They divided really easily and are impossible to kill.

This is what it will look like next summer.
Problem solved.
I replanted the upright Overdams along our split rail fence in another dry creek bed where their pillar-like uprightness doesn't look quite so jarring.

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