Sunday, July 25, 2010

And the Rain Rain Rain....

....Came Down Down Down.

When will this ever stop? Last year we had the fewest sunny days ever. This year, we're surpassing rainfall records. June had twice as much rain as average (around 8 inches) and July is hot on her heels. The thing is, it may only rain occassionally, but it comes down in inches per hour. The humidity kicked in almost two weeks ago. It's never pleasant to wake up to 93% humidity.

Today is one of those all day rains. And we don't need it. Thursday night rainfall: 1.5" Friday night rainfall: 1.125" Saturday afternoon rainfall: 1" (in 45 minutes, plus three tornados). Sunday morning rainfall: thus far 1.125" and still raining. We went out to do a perimeter check on all the drains, and to make sure everything that should be upright still is. I picked two zuchini and made sure the cucumbers weren't getting out of hand. The beans can wait until the deluge let's up. I know the tomatoes are. They have gone into a holding pattern, even the cherry size stubbornly refusing to ripen without sun.

I took these picture yesterday morning when it was sunny, and raindrops were still a bit of a novelty.


  1. We could use some of that "novelty: down here. Our four inch soil temperature yesterday averaged 106 degrees over a 24 hr day. I'd hate to know the evapotranspiration rate. It about can't rain enough to keep things from drying out, that much I know. When it does rain down here in the summer we measure it in inches and it falls in minutes which fills the creeks up pretty nicely but doesn't percolate into the ground very well.

  2. Total rainfall today was 2.125"

    And the humidity broke! Yay!

  3. That's a lot of water but I'm happy your humidity broke. When you send water down here, send some dry air with it, please. :)

    WRT your last post, anybody who fools much with plants or animals KNOWS it isn't easy ! Looks like you're having a pretty good summer in spite of it all to me !

  4. Well, at least you got some pretty pictures =D