Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barlow Jap Reviews 2011

The reviews for PaPaw's tomato are starting to roll in. Each year, "Camochef" plants over 100 tomato plants of many many varieties, then keeps the internet-based tomato freaks entertained with his vivid descriptions of his tasting experience as he rates his varieties in order of preference. Last year the Jap tomatoes finished #6 in his ratings which was quite an honor. So far this year it is #2, but the fun and tasting has just begun!

Camo's 2010 Taste Test-Barlow Jap
This Pink Oblate tomato was one of the first to show green tomatoes on the plant and plenty of them. They are ranging from about 9 oz. to 12oz. so far but many out there that look larger. Once you slice into this tomato, the first thing you notice is how meaty it is. This is a solid tomato without many seeds. It has a thin skin and a small core, both good characteristics in my book. Still it is reasonably juicy. The first bite reveals the somewhat sweet taste that is quite refreshing to a person like myself. This tomato tastes very good without adding a thing to it, but a little sea salt improves its flavor even more. Grabbing the bear and adding some Zatarains, I found myself almost overwhelmed by the wonderful flavor. The texture is perfect, the taste unbeatable by almost all others so far. It doesn't have that winey taste that DDR has but it's very close to being the perfect tomato. I think it would be a wonderful tomato in sauces, but this was gone much to soon. It's going ahead of the Tarasenko6 in taste, slipping right behind the DDR, for now. This finished the year last year in the #6 position, it's at #2 right now. This is another highly recommended tomato, especially if you favor a slightly sweet taste. Would be great in salads, on sandwiches, or just eating out of your hand with juices running down your chin! Many will recall this being "Too Many Tomatoes" Grandfather's tomato from WW2, it's a keeper! Will always have a spot in my gardens! If you get the chance, give it a try!

I'm sure we can do better than 6th this year. I know the Japs are being grown by more people this year than last so I'm interested to hear what others say about them. I've already eaten my first Jap and it was pretty good. Not the best ever, but there are more on the way! Time to get back to perfecting my tomato sandwich building skills!


  1. Too Many Tomatoes,
    Just found your Blog. Read Camo's 2011 review. My Barlow Jap has several on it now. Hopefully will get to taste my first one in August. Not sure why it never set last year. Did correct a few soil problems found in soil tests last fall. Will come back and add my review when I finally get to taste one. Thanks again for sharing the seeds and allowing me to share them with others. Jay

  2. Jay, thanks for sharing those seeds with Camo and I hope you get some good examples of the Japs this year. Should be any day now...

  3. Just an update on the results of last season. The Barlow Jap ended up doing very well in another very tough and overall dry year here. I estimate I picked over 15 lbs of great tasting fruit from it. And it had several left when the frost hit. I will be planting more plants this year. It will be on my grow list every year now. I just sent some seeds of it too some avid OK and MO growers. I should of saved more seed. Thanks again for sharing it with me. Jay

  4. Is there a source to buy Barlow Jap seeds? I would be interested in giving it a try.