Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Mid-June Progress Report


The whole point of keeping a garden blog is comparing past years to this year.  Compared to June 15th last year, some things are right on track and some things are way ahead.  My Garden last year on June 15th.  I can't believe how far ahead the potatoes are.  Of course this is because they shipped earlier this year and I was able to get them planted much earlier.

The potatoes are already at their mature height and beginning to flower.
The Lima Beans are WAY ahead.

Lima Beans

And the pole beans are already trying to climb.  Last year the first batch I planted around the conduit poles sat there with a stupid look on their beany faces for two MONTHS and never seriously tried to climb so I pulled them out the end of July and planted a new batch on the trellises.  This year I began with trellis.  I can learn from my mistakes.

Pole Beans

The sweet corn is looking awesome.  This early variety is new to me this year and should be producing in another 5 weeks.  I've strung up the first layer of support strings.

Same as last year I have a baby broccoli,  Last year I thought the first one was a Vitaverde cauliflower but it later turned out to be a fill in broccoli from the nursery.
This is Gypsy and I bought the transplants in early May.

The cabbage is ahead of last year because I purchased and planted it a couple about four weeks earlier.  

The cabbages are forming heads.

Last year I know I planted Golden Acre and Red Acre.  This year the tags were generic.  I hate that.
I do have seeds for Golden Acre and Violaceo di Verona.  I am thinking of planting a batch for fall.

The cauliflower is all looking outstanding, similar to last year.

In a few days I should be picking peas.

These peas were planted a month later and are just as tall and almost the same stage

These are the in between pea plantings.  The soil in this bed has very little organic material left in it.  I planted the peas spaced every two inches instead of in a long blob like I usually plant.  The combination of poorer soil and different spacing is not working out real well.

The summer squash are doing the same as last year.  These are Cue Ball plants

The Carbon tomato plant is blooming.
Same time frame as last year's tomatoes.

When I'm done picking and poking around my garden.  Weeding, fertilizing, pruning.  Scolding, coaxing and admiring.  I sit in the chaise, put my feet up, and watch the dragon flies patrol the dry creek bed.

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