Thursday, June 17, 2021

Passive Weed Control

My husband asked me awhile back why I was taking up a whole raised bed just to set potato grow bags on when they could just as well be on the gravel along the fence like last year.

This is why:

See all those itty bitty weed babies?

That bed, and two two others, were completely over run by purslane last year.  Practically knee deep in it in between the corn stalks which is pretty impressive for a ground hugging plant.  So I am blocking it out.  Covering it up.  And weeding the edges.  That'll fix it!  Or at least its one less bed to worry about this year.
I just go over it with a claw ever week or two and uproot all of those seedlings before they get big enough to require pulling

Less weeding is also why I use up all my old lettuce seed as ground cover.
No room for weeds in there!

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