Friday, August 20, 2021

We've Got no Time for Crappy Tomato Plants

Tropical Storm Fred was here for three days.  The outer bands gave us .1 and .3 inches Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday it settled in and rained steadily for a total of 2 inches. (sorry Mama Pea, I know you needed it worse then we did).

It did in a few plants.  The two Patio tomato plants were starting to blight out anyway.  Two inches of rain made them decided to drop leaves.  I picked them clean one by one and chopped them down.

This was my first year for the supposedly beautiful Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato.  It suffered the most from blossom end rot and I had yet to get a decent fruit for a fair taste test.  The plant was looking so crappy today I decided Screw It.  And chopped it down,

The more mature fruit were getting serious concentric rings on the shoulders and beginning to rot before they blushed, and many of the others were getting eaten up.  There were a lot of stink bugs, and a lot of frass, but I couldn't find a horn worm even when I took it apart piece by piece.  Either way, it was a hot mess.  I saved a few of the larger green tomatoes to see if they will ripen.

Elsewhere in the garden my little fall crop is coming along nicely.
Cabbage (under the cloches) and string beans.

I have to keep the cabbage buttoned up tight.  One plant has sustained a lot of locust munching but the other plants are looking nice.

After the rough appearance of all of this year's bean plants, 
these fresh faces are a real treat.

I started some lettuce indoors under grow lights which makes them super leggy.  
These are hardening off and will be set out in a few weeks.

The Lima Beans have a lot of pods on them

The sweet potatoes are growing well.

I tried my hand at hummingbird photography.
This little gal considered my behavior highly suspicious.

She just couldn't eat and had to sit down and study me for awhile.

Parting Shot: a large Frittilary on the butterfly bush

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