Saturday, June 3, 2023

Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce

 I just have to take a moment to compliment the Tom Thumb Butterhead lettuces.  Seeds for this variety are available from several different sources, but I got mine from Baker Creek.  The seeds germinated right away and the seedlings grew fast.  They are at their peak and I just now went out and cut a few out that had scorched in the heat this week and begun to rot. 

I still have a dozen ready to eat.  These form a nice little iceberg head the size of your fist in the center which is the right size for a single salad.  The outer leaves are tougher but look beautiful peeking out from a sandwich.  I still plant a lot of the leaf lettuces along my pod peas which helps shade the roots and keep down weeds, but for eating, these butterheads are far and away my favorite.  I'll have to remember to start some later this summer for fall harvest.

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