Thursday, June 8, 2023

Done Planting

 I transplanted the last of the vegetables today.  Cucumbers and cantaloupes.  The weather has been cool, about 60F in the garden.  If I wanted to be pessimistic, I could honestly say it is more like 59, but 60 seems more realistic in June especially after the persistent heat we have had.  It keeps promising to rain and then reneging.

These covers will stay on for awhile.

The Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cabbages will stay under this insect netting to the end.
No little green worms!

The Cucumbers will stay under this floating row cover until they flower.
This will prevent cucumber beetles from doing any damage to the young plants.

This frost cover will stay over the Cantaloupes until they flower and then be replaced every night to retain heat.  Cantaloupes love heat.

The Pole Beans are growing well.
I planted half of what I planted last year because I ended up with way too many.

Penelope Peas and leaf lettuce.
For many years I started planting my peas on March 15th.  Last year I decided I was done with that.  The later peas always caught up and did better.  This year I planted on April 15th.  If you look back at this date last year, the April 15th peas are performing as the March 15th peas did. 

The Gotta Have It Sweet Corn is doing very well.
 My intent is to get past four dozen ears per bed by thinning to 60 plants in the bed.  I have just about that many at this point.  You will usually see a few stalks fall behind as they mature and I can remove those later so they are not competing for resources.

The peppers and this tomato plant are almost ready to bloom.

All of the tomatoes are growing well.

This Pike Co. Yellow plant felt a little wimpy after transplant,
but the Wherokowhai dwarf plant in the green container is growing well.

Hi Bun-Bun
He's a good little neighbor.  I've never caught him eating anything he's not supposed to.

Honeoye strawberries producing well.
I fertilize my strawberries with Tomato-Tone and they seem to love it.

The Dahlia plants are beginning to show.
I planted my spare Marigolds and Celosia seedlings around the edge again.
Because of the late frosts, the Dahlias were set out two weeks later than last year.

The other side of the garden still looks pretty bare, but things are growing.  In this bed, I seeded Cosmos which are not doing much and transplanted winter sown Snapdragons which you can sort of see.  There is also a Mystery tomato plant that I was really curious about and a zucchini which I don't really need.  The tomato is one of a few seedlings that came from a Jap tomato whose seeds I have grown out before, but which are oddly not potato leafed.  I am hoping it will be an interesting cross.  I like having an extra bed where I can plant last minute ideas.  Its a good antidote to my overall strict planning.

I was unsure if the hard frost would have damaged the Peony buds.
The answer is - No.

Rebecca Clematis

Now, for the rest of June, it is just Weed, Water and Wait.

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