Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Many Tomatoes

I finally achieved "too many tomatoes" status this past weekend. Even after canning a batch, choosing one for lunch, and using them liberally in salads for days, I still had more tomatoes than I could eat all at once. I was so excited that I finally had a good assortment to take to my neighbor and fellow tomato nut Sheryl. Sheryl doesn't garden, but she loves tomatoes. Last summer I promised that this year, when the garden was in full swing, I would bring her a sampling. Sunday I was able to put together a little gift basket and a handwritten list of what they were. This little basket of tomatoes looks like a wonderful present to me. I hope she enjoyed them.

Pink~ Barlow Jap (PaPaw's tomato)
Green ~ Ananas Noire (One of my favorites)
Golden ~ Dr. Wyche (new to me this year, and a great yellow variety that I will grow again)
Yellow ~ Super Snow White
Green shouldered cherry ~ Black Cherry (new to me this year and just beginning to ripen)
And of course a sprinkling of the Sun Gold cherries.


  1. What a very pretty assortment.

    I'm now hungry for some tomatoes myself...

  2. That is a good looking basket of tomatoes..making my mouth water.
    Eleak Clark

    I typed that for my dad since he is learning about this fingle fangle thing(laptop).

  3. Welcome to the Thinga-ma-Blog Eleak and Nadine!

    Don't those tomatoes look good? Sounds like you have had a snowy week in Texas, but nothing like we're having up here in NY. Hard to believe it will almost 6 months until I can taste a homegrown tomato.

    I guess I'd better get bloggin' and keep my readership entertained.