Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Growing ~ Super Snow White Tomato

The Super Snow White is a small, mid-season, heirloom tomato. It's heralded as a sweet tomato, but to my taste it's rather bland. That doesn't mean that it's useless! I love this little tomato, and I really missed it last year when I didn't have a garden. I did grow out a plant and give it to my mother, so I had the chance to enjoy some. It is fairly non-acidic as most yellow or orange tomatoes are, but it's nearly white, ripening to a uniform yellow. There is no mealiness to it's texture which is juicy yet firm like a good slicing tomato.
What I love about the SSW is mostly it's appearance. It can be found on my counter as still life all summer long. It's a 2 oz tomato about the size of a small chicken egg or golf ball, but some of them get a bit larger. The plants are consistent producers, and you can bet on 3-5 ripe fruit from each plant each day. Which makes it a staple in my salads all season long.

I mix it with my favorite cherry, the Sun Gold. The Sun Gold's intense sweetness and bright green seed gel are perfect on top of the neutral Snow White. I sprinkle some of my favorite Italian dressing and I have the perfect summer jewel tomato salad.

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  1. Between the picture of the white tomatoes in the tomato salad and your tomato sandwich pictures my stomach is rumbling like crazy as I sit here, mind blank, trying to compose something appropriate for our Paradigm Farms blog. We just got done sitting supper a half hour ago; I need a tomato sandwich right now about as much as I need another hole in the head. :)

    Thanks !;)