Thursday, July 11, 2013

Apple Orchard Aftermath or Applemath

Sometimes you just need to start fresh.  Last weekend Tim, and I and my uncle removed the old barb wire fence from the orchard frontage.  The wire was still good, as were most of the posts, but there were rose bushes and other brush growing in it and we decided to make a clean sweep.  If we decide to put livestock in there (goats would be useful for eating the roses) then we can put in a new, sturdy fence.

My stepfather Richard brush hogged the fence lines.  It looks so wide open I keep thinking the trees are going to wander into the road!

And were are to expect some harvest this year.  This is the Greening tree next to the gate.  Well, where the gate was.

 And it looks like we will have a fair amount of plums again this year.

We will have apples at the house too.  The three older trees are full and need selective pruning.  My little sapling has held on to 3 of its 6 apples which is about the right amount for it to support.

I am working on shaping my second sapling using limb spreaders.   These get the limbs spaced properly when they are young and flexible providing a nice shape and eliminating cross branching and crowding.  You can make the same sort of tool with scrap wood if you are handy.

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