Monday, July 29, 2013

Stick it to 'em!

Genius! Sheer Genius!
Taking the advice about how to remove Horned Squash Bug eggs from the leaves of cucurbits, I advanced on the enemy armed with a roll of duct tape.  This is so much nicer than squishing!  Here is an example of my daily death toll.

See you don't have to actually get them between your fingers, you just have to touch them.  In fact, you can distract them from one side with your free hand while you sneak up behind them with the taped hand.  Especially those wiley Asparagus Beetles. Then you can squish at leisure, seal them in a bag for disposal or burn them.  Whatever seems to you the most permanent form of destruction.And this has an advantage over lures with stick y traps in that you are targeting the bad pests and not risking killing other winged pollinators.

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