Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exit The Peas

The last bed of peas is pulled and the black beans are planted

In the Lettuce Bed, the first planting of bush beans are making progress, and in the second has been planted, along with the second planting of cucumbers

The first planting of cucumbers is healthy and blooming nicely and were are waiting anxiously for our first harvest.

The eggplants are doing very nicely and looking like an eggplant should. 

They are setting glossy little aubergine fruit.  Mmmmmm... I can't wait.

After 19 days straight with at least a quarter of an inch of rain each day, the forecast is a sight for sore eyes.  June gave us over 7.5" of rain, and in July we are over 3.5" and pushing 4".  Now all we need is for this cloud cover to burn off and for things to dry out!

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