Saturday, September 7, 2019

Amazing Sunpatiens

The Sunpatiens in the front landscape are simply amazing.
This is one plant.  It comes up past my knees

This is what it looked like July 29th on the brink of greatness.

And above is what they looked like June 2nd when 
I transplanted them and pruned them back.  You've come a long way baby!
There is one Sunpatien and two Begonias in each 12 inch fiber pot.  The Begonias held their own for a couple months and looked like frilly petticoats under the hem of the Sunpatiens.  But now they have been completely overwhelmed.

Above are two pots side by side.

A whole row.

My fall Cauliflower is growing so much faster than it did in the spring.  
This is two weeks progress.  They have tripled in size.  

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