Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Dirt Cheap

 Every year I save as much of my potting mix as I can in my Dirt Locker and Rubbermaid Totes.  Each year I lose a little through attrition either due to having to top up whiskey barrel planters or planting perennials in the dry creek bed or through giving away plants.  Sometimes when you dump a planter, the roots of the annual plants are so vigorous that there isn't much point in trying to retrieve any soil at all. So each year I end up buying a bag or two of fresh potting mix.  I keep a list of all of my planters and how many gallons it takes to fill them.  I make note of how much I have been able to save from last year.  The difference between those numbers is how much I have to buy.

This week our regional farm store Runnings has a great deal on Miracle Gro potting mix.  Generally I stay away from Miracle Gro products, but I can't beat their Moisture Control potting mix.  I've tried several other brands as well as mixing my own and nothing really compares.  I usually buy the 50 quart (1.67 cu. ft.) bags from Home Depot.  Back in the day they were $14.99  a bag.  Now it is $17.97.  Lowes and Tractor Supply sell the full 2 cu. ft. bags for 19.99  You can go nuts comparing prices.

Two bags for $20!  That's practically buy one get one!

Cheap Dirt!

As soon as we saw that flyer we headed out Saturday morning (and we never go to town on a Saturday).  I bought 6 bags.  They were out in the rain which made them twice as heavy and as unwieldy as wrestling a greased pig.  6 bags was a pretty full load for an SUV.  But the more we thought about it....  We went back today and got 4 more to stockpile for next year.

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