Monday, April 22, 2024


 On Saturday we finished up the far west lawn edging and freshened up the gravel.  For future reference, we cut the edge at 23" from the walk and fence which, if I remember correctly, is an inch further out than we did last time.  It has been three or more years since we cut this edge and added gravel.  

Now that whole side yard is spruced up and ready for summer.

Today we edged and mulched the front fence line.

One hundred and fortyish feet.  We measured out 16" and went along the old edge which was easy digging.  Everything that came out went into the fill area where the 2021 tree cutting project was.

I dug out any weeds, loosened the old mulch and we added new mulch along the edge.  It was 58F and sunny with a stiff northwest breeze.  Perfect weather for mulching.  
I feel... windblown

I also got my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages transplanted and tucked into insect mesh with a shade cloth.  The shade cloth will come off in a few days.

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