Monday, July 8, 2024

More Rocks

 Yesterday we made another trip to Dad's creek for a load of rocks.

Dad's creek is a wonderful inspiration for all of our dry creek bed areas.  This is Hatch Creek which I spent hours and hours playing in when I was a child.  The section I played in then was half a mile away behind my parent's greenhouse.  

Because we have no water, our creek beds will never look like this...

But we can make it look like this....

This was what we were left with in April 2023 when we removed the RR Ties.  The straight edge made sense when there was a line of RR ties holding back a terrace, but it needed to be blended in.  Picking rocks by hand can be quite a bit of work, so we kept putting it off.

This is what it looks like now.  We will sprinkle some gravel in here and there, and by the time I get done tripping over the rocks a few times, they will settle into more natural positions.

Last year I was brainstorming what plants I would like along this edge.  I have two Penstemons and a Lemon Squeeze fountain grass potted up and ready to go.  And I have a couple of Karley Rose fountain grass that need to be rescued from another area that is too wet and they can go here too.  I have Niagara Falls switch grass on the way to replace the Karley Rose.  I can divide some Black Eyed Susan next spring. (I will NOT be dividing any Daylilies LOL!)  Then I'll see where I am and if anything else should be added.

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